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This page contains all the essential information about usage of this site, purchasing pictures, privacy, copyright and other important stuff. This is for your benefit and mine, and for protecting the rights of all.

If you are unsure about anything then please contact me via the form on this site and I will clarify matters as best as possible.


There are two types of gallery on this site,

1) Public

2) Private

A public gallery is one that can be freely navigated by any visitor to this site. A private gallery can  only be viewed to those who have a password enabling access. Password protected galleries are used for clients who wish to control the audience that can view the pictures such as weddings, portraits or commissioned work.

I only give a password to a private gallery to the persons or persons to whom I am contracted. It is never disclosed to anyone else. I have no control with whom they share that password.

All public galleries are accessible to all visitors and, where indicated, individual pictures can be purchased through this site.


All images, including pictures in galleries, logos or any symbols with the exception of  SmugMug, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram logos are the exclusive copyright of Nelson Howe and must not be copied, downloaded or shared by any digital or analogue method without the expressed written permission of nelsinki photo.

Purchased download images are subject to the licence associated with that purchase and must not be used in any way outside the terms and conditions of that license.

Any breach of these terms and conditions may result in legal action.


Nelsinki Photo is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to this website and customers who purchase images. Where this website uses cookies all visitors to this site will be asked for consent prior to use. The use of cookies is not necessary for the full functioning of this site.

No personal data is collected while you browse this site including the public galleries. Public galleries contain only my personal work which is for promotional purposes. Where images contain people such images will not be used in a defamatory way to the individuals in the images. Any images containing persons that may be used for commercial purposes will have the appropriate consent for such use from the persons in the images or, in the case of minors, will have the consent of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

The private galleries are accessible only to those who have the correct password for that gallery. Nelsinki Photo provide a password only to the client, authorizing person or persons for whom the photos were commissioned who will have confirmed receipt and control of that password in writing. We cannot be held responsible for the use and distribution of that password once it has been allocated to our client, person or persons for whom the pictures were commissioned.


Where indicated images on this site are available to purchase. Purchasing images requires entering personal information during the purchasing process. This process is powered by the website host, SmugMug . For details on their privacy policy please use this link: SmugMug Privacy Policy


When any images are purchased Nelsinki Photo receive an email confirming the purchase and the name and email address of the purchaser is included in that email. Upon arrival these emails are automatically directed to a specific folder in the email client and this data is stored on a password protected computer, not on any portable devices. The full status of the order is available to the web administrator of Nelsinki Photo and the purchaser's full details are avaliable including the name, address, postcode, telephone number and email address. Nelsinki Photo will never pass on your personal data to any third party or use it to contact you for any purpose without your express consent. You have the right to know exactly what data is stored and all details will be made available to you upon written request.

The primary purpose of this website is to promote and share the images of Nelsinki Photo for the enjoyment of visitors and to enable purchasing of images via the internet. Nelsinki Photo take personal privacy seriously and will never intentionally breach the rights of others through the images on this site. If, however, any images on this site cause offence or seem inappropriate in any way then please contact Nelsinki Photo in writing and we will consider this matter seriously and, if necessary, remove such images from this site.

If you need a photographer to cover an event or assignment then please contact us via this site or email your enquiry to and we'll do everything we can to assist you.

Thank you for visiting Nelsinki Photo.

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